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Friends of Turkana is pleased to announce that the O'Toole Foundation has just approved a 3 year grant totalling $750,000 for the benefit of the Diocese of Lodwar, Turkana, to finance construction of a new boys' secondary school and junior seminary in Lodwar. Friends of Turkana was instrumental in preparing and submitting the grant proposal and will play a role monitoring construction and reporting on progress. All of us here thank you for your continued support.

July 1, 2015: Friends of Turkana is pleased to announce that it has financed the purchase of a tractor and trailer - (pictured below) - which is to be used to ease the burdens faced by farming communities, who currently till the hard, arid and rocky soil using sticks or rudimentary hoes. The tractor will be used in a number of communities in and around Lodwar, and will make an enormous difference in terms of assuring a ready supply of fresh produce, as well as supply a source of income through sales.

July 3, 2015: Friends of Turkana today announced the funding of the purchase of supplies, including tools, seeds, fertilizer, and farm animals, to be delivered to Edukuroit, a farming community on the outskirts of Lodwar, the capital of Turkana. Eduduroit has a history of farming, but its lands were devastated in flooding, causing the loss of a growing season and consequent lack of food and produce for sale. The supplies will allow the community to make up for such losses and enable them to increase productivity and yield. as well as allow for animal husbandry.



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