Friends of Turkana

Friends of Turkana strives to make a positive difference in Turkana lives by encouraging self-sufficiency in water, health and education. We provide support to acquire materials and expertise necessary for the Turkana to develop their own skills and processes; and we work together on practical and concrete local development projects that enable us to provide some measure of hope to the Turkana, to learn from them and gain respect for them, and to share our experiences with others.

Friends of Turkana has made a practice of enabling infrastructure, health and education efforts that other aid agencies will not enable. In this way Friends of Turkana provides a unique and especially valuable service to the people of Turkana.





Friends of Turkana administration is made up exclusively of volunteers. Further, Friends of Turkana carefully reviews each potential project and then examines the original invoices for work done on its projects, in order to insure that donations to Friends of Turkana are used for the sole benefit of the people of Turkana.


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Friends of Turkana, Inc.
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