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NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN TURKANA! If you have not heard yet, please watch the video below and click the new links for further reading!

Aquifer discovery in Lotikipi, Kenya - September 8th 2013 - ©RTI from Radar Technologies International on Vimeo.

Read an article HERE about this new discovery. Read another HERE and yet another HERE! All are worth the read, all are extremely hopeful. "Massive water discovery in Kenya's desert. The Turkana underground water discovery is equivalent in volume to 25 times greater than Loch Ness with an annual recharge rate 3 times the water use in New York City. Turkana will never experience famine again."- Paula Kahumbu, The Guardian.
We are encouraged that our partners in Turkana and other local leaders are showing an awareness of the pitfalls regarding the management of this newly discovered resource. This find underscores our current emphasis on agricultural projects with an aim to food security. Much work remains and the needs are enormous but it will now be possible to make a real difference in peoples' lives.

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PBS' Frontline recently reported on the changing climate of the Turkana region. January 24, 2009 Watch it here >>


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