Friends of Turkana provides hope and help to the Turkana in two ways:

First, Friends of Turkana partners with local, established and permanent aid groups to provide services to the Turkana. The partners are not temporary aid groups, here today and gone tomorrow, but are integrated into Turkana, knowledgeable about Turkana, and have an understanding of how to get things done there.

Secondly, Friends of Turkana sends its associates across the world to connect with our human family in a remote and forsaken part of Africa, to underline for the Turkana that they are not forgotten and that they have reason to hope. The Friends of Turkana associates who travel to Turkana also contribute directly by physical labor, teaching and other activities.

Current Projects

Nakechichock Women's Group >>More Info and Photos
Food and Training

Lobur Outreach Station >>More Info and Photos
Water, food, and security

Lokitaung Community Center >>More Info and Photos
Health, education and nutrition

Kokuselei and Nayambana Nursery Centers >>More Info and Photos
Education and nutrition for children

Katobi and Kalimapus Water Supply >>More Info and Photos

Nyumbani Children's Home >>More Info and Photos
Care for orphans with HIV/AIDS

Simply Necessities >>More Info and Photos
Supplies for daily functioning

Sopel Water Project >>More Info and Photos

Vulnerable Children's Program >>More Info and Photos
Health, education, nutrition for neediest children

Nurses Training >>More Info and Photos
Health, education

Livelihood Support >>More Info and Photos
Job creation assistance

Famine Relief / Food for Work >>More Info and Photos

Emergency Aid for Students >>More Info and Photos

Mosquito Nets >>More Info

School Publications >>More Info

Emergency Food Aid >>More Info
Food for victims of tribal violence

Water Pump Maintenance >>More Info

Multi-Pronged Approach to Health and Welfare >>More Info

Completed Projects List

>>Click here for the entire list of our completed projects

To see Friends of Turkana in Turkana click HERE!


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